Masami Nishishiba

Associate Professor of Public Administration
Chair, Department of Public Administration
Associate Director, Center for Public Service

Mark O. Hatfield School of Government
Portland State University

Work Phone: 1(503)­ 725-5151

Masami Nishishibaengages in community-based research with the focus on local government capacity building, civic engagement and cultural competence. Professor Nishishibaleads and administers many management certificate programs on cultural competence in both the US and Japan. Dr. Nishishiba is an associate member of the Institute for Asian Studies and the Center for Japanese Studies at Portland State University. She is also a Research Fellow, TransResearch Consortium.

Professor Nishishiba has co authored the Japanese-English bilingual book Project Management Toolkit: A Strategic Approach to New Local Governance. The book is a product of the Japanese municipal officers training program. Other scholarly articles appeared in Journal of Public Affairs Education, State and Local Government Review, and Journal of College and Character. She is also a trained Japanese-English conference interpreter. She has interpreted and liaised for President Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates, Phil Knight and many others dignitaries and executives. She offers Japanese-English Interpreting course through World Languages Department at Portland State University. 

Dr. Nishishiba completed her doctorate in Public Administration and Policy at Portland State University in 2003. She completed her M.A. in Communication Studies at Portland State University in 1998, and her bachelor's degree in linguistics from Osaka University in 1983.

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