Tadeusz Kugler

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Department of Politics and International Relations, Roger Williams University
Email: tkugler@rwu.edu
Work Phone: +1(401)­ 254-3447

TadeuszKugler is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Roger Williams University with a specialization in International and Comparative Political Economy and International Relations. His latest publications focused on the economic and demographic foundations of growth and their connection to international power, how political capacity interacts with economic freedom to attract FDI within nations, and the dynamics in demographical and economic recovery after war.

These and other publications can be found in International Studies Quarterly, International Interactions, International Studies Review, and in edited volumes such as The Performance of Nations and the ISA Compendium. His current working papers deal with the influence of state political parties within India on economic development and alleviation of conflict, estimating the true extent of internal migrations with in India and China, as well as the economic consequences of discrimination.

His latest book project, The Demographic Clock;focuses on how demography creates the foundation on which the economic potential of nations and the dynamics of the international system are built. He received his Ph.D. in Economics and Politics at Claremont Graduate University and his MBA from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management.

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