Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, University of Rhode Island
Work Phone: 401­ 874-5495

Dr. Johnson's primary research interests focus on the influence of state capacity on three major areas:conflict and human security, individual attitudes within countries, and human development. Her work examines the role ofstate capacity across levels of analysis, including regional, national, and provincial level contexts. Currently she is Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island and a Director at the TransResearch Consortium.

Dr. Johnson specializes in state capacity on individual attitudes and behavior in African countries. Her work in this area examines the influence of state capacity on building political legitimacy and trust, social capital, and political participation, with emphasis on the influence of state capacity on regional and sub national conflict in Sudan following the 2011 referendum for Southern Sudanese independence. Her current research efforts extend these studies into examination of sub national political performance, conflict, and trust in Nigerian states. 

A final related research emphasis evaluates the role of political capacity and procedural democracy in influencing levels and types of human rights violations in Mexican states. This effort is extended to examining the role of human security and state capacity in motivating migration between Mexican states and in examining the influence of political capacity on variance in human development in Mexican states.Kristin Johnson received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University in 2007.

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