Zeyad Elkelani


PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at Claremont Graduate University

Email: zeyad.elkelani@cgu.edu

Zeyad Elkelani is a world politics and computational analytics PhD student at Claremont Graduate University. He taught comparative politics and political methodology at the political science department, Cairo University and AMIDEAST. He participated in numerous international academic and business conferences. His prior research focused on the interplay between socioeconomic conditions and political values worldwide and the relation between political connections and state-business relations in the Middle East. He served as a former 2016 UN-AOC fellow and 2015 honorary ambassador for the Shafik Gabr foundation.

He is an advocate for research transparency through the UC Berkeley Initiative for Research Transparency. Zeyad completed his undergraduate degree in political science and public administration at Cairo University, Joint MA degree at the American University in Cairo and Tubingen University in Germany, in addition to studying abroad at Columbia Add to dictionary and Moscow State Institute of International Relations.