Young Joon Kim

Name: Young Joon Kim
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Dr. Young Joon KIM is an associate research fellow in the Northeast Asian Strategy division at Institute for National Security Strategy of Republic of Korea, and a lecturer at Yonsei University, Graduate School of International Studies. He finished his doctrate in 2013 from Claremont Graduate University, in World Politics and Methodology and holds an M.A. in International Relations from Korea University.

He is a Executive Committee Member of the Korean Association of International Studies and an Associate Editor of the Journal of East Asian Affairs. His recent publication includes " Appeasing the Fear of Abandonment in Asymmetric Alliances : The ROK-US Alliance Case.", "The Evolution of Power Transition Theory: A Critical Review." and "The Application of Agent-Based Model in Political Science." Dr. Kim's research focuses on Chinese foreign policy, Inter-Korean relations, East Asian international relations, and Alliance.